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OPMG is proud to offer in house legal representation, that means you don't need to pay an expensive lawyer. For all private landlords, Co-operative and Non-profit communities we offer legal aid at a fraction of the price. We understand what a burden it can be for private landlords to move forward with their rights against non-paying members.

Bill 14, the Housing Co operatives Statute Law Amendment Act, 2013.

The legislation amends the Co operative Corporations Act and the Residential Tenancies Act to move most co op eviction disputes from Superior Court to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).
Bill 14 benefits housing co ops, individual co op members and the government. The Bill improves the speed and fairness of the eviction process for both co ops and their members and reduces cost. It also serves the wider public interest by giving relief to the over-burdened court system, reducing the cost to the public.

Legal Services Offered by OPMG

If you are looking to sue for money owed or settle a product dispute of $25,000.00 or less, you can sue in Small Claims Court.

For more information on small claims court, click here.

OPMG offers legal services to Private Landlords, Tenants, and Non-Profit Organizations for the following, but not limited to:

  • Persistent late payment

  • No longer eligible for social housing

  • Arrears

  • Misrepresentation of income in an RGI household

  • Illegal acts

  • Undue damage caused wilfully or negligently

  • Interference with reasonable enjoyment or lawful rights

  • Serious impairment of another person's safety

  • Too many persons in unit for health and safety standards

  • Filing of eviction with the sheriff

  • Filing of all LTB related applications

  • Small Claims Court

  • Collections and Enforcements

Let our Paralegal Team help you fight for your rights! Call Mayra Sawicki at 905-470-1244 ext. 275 to book a free consultation today!

  • "Since arriving, you have changed the dynamics of our Community. I really thank you for both the terrific leadership you are giving and the very quick way you have gotten on board with our community."

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    OPMG offers legal services to landlords, tenants, co-operatives, non-profit organizations.