Small Claims Court

Thinking of suing in Small Claims Court? Are you being sued in Small Claims Court? At OPMG, we have experienced paralegals that specialize in Small Claims Court matters. There are a variety of different processes involved in Small Claims Court that may make this task difficult for many people.

  • You can sue to get money a person owes you under an agreement you have with them.

  • You can sue if you were harmed by something they did, or should have done but didn’t.

  • You can sue to get goods that you believe belong to you.

If the value of the money owed or product dispute is $25,000.00 or less, you can sue in Small Claims Court. Speak to us to help guide you through the process — in some cases you may not even need to attend court.

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Small Claims Court services available but not limited to the following:

  • Negotiating/ demand letters

  • Preparation of the Plaintiff’s claim

  • Filing and serving of the Plaintiff’s claim

  • Preparation of defence

  • Filing of defence

  • Attending settlement conference and or trial

  • Motion preparation and attendance

  • Enforcement

  • Examination Hearings

  • Collections

  • Liens

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